The TFS Family Advisory Council (FAC) is composed of staff and families representing all areas of Trillium Family Services including residential, day treatment and outpatient services in both the Valley and our Metro region. Since our programs are varied and multi-dimensional, we love having voices that represent different regions and program areas.
One member, Marcie, has been attending FAC since 2017. As a family member she experienced services in our Metro region at the Parry Center. I first met Marcie at a Children’s Mental Health Day at our State Capital. We were both learning how to best advocate with the legislature and Marcie was excited to use her voice at that level.
Here’s what she has to say about her FAC experience: “I appreciate that family members are heard. I like that I can share my experience at Parry Center to help make the experience better for the next family. It’s nice to learn what goes on behind the scenes at Trillium. It gives me a better appreciation of the hard work put in by the staff. The system of mental health care isn’t perfect. I feel like being on the Advisory Council helps me make a small contribution to make things better.”
Thank you, Marcie! We appreciate you too!
If you are a parent that has experience with Trillium services, please join us the first Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. We are currently meeting via Zoom. Contact me at 541-750-1134 or for more information about location and stipends.

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