May 25th marked the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Looking back over this past year, I think it is fair to assess how much actual change has taken place and how much more work we need to do as a society in terms of equity, investments, and remediation. I think for many of us this has been a time of reflection and consideration of how we view the world, our beliefs, attitudes, and intentions.
This has certainly been evident in my discussion with Trillium’s board and leadership regarding the organization and our path moving forward. Shortly after Mr. Floyd’s murder, one board member encouraged and inspired her colleagues to embrace the notion of love and the love of all humankind as foundational to all that we do. It’s worth noting that this wonderful member is a community champion who is helping me and others be better leaders. The growth and the diversity of our boards and workforce is a key priority for Trillium and our efforts will make a profound impact on the overall effectiveness of our organization.
Since that meeting, in collaboration with the board and leadership, we crafted an organizational principle – one that will serve as a map to help direct Trillium’s future intentions and focus. Operationalizing Philanthropy is a document that is aspirational but will serve as a vision that we can all work towards. I’m proud to share this document with all of you as we consider the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death and the many changes that will need to take place. As I have shared with our staff, let’s seize the opportunity for growth and being part of a movement that leads to equity and healing.

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