Huge Thank-You to the very talented band members of Dispatch for performing on the Keep Oregon Well stage at Skype Live Studio this afternoon! The joyous energy that Dispatch exudes on and off stage is palpable. Majority of songs touch on social justice, community mindfulness, and personal wellness. Not only does Dispatch talk the talk, but they very much so walk the walk; donating concert proceeds to charities and even starting a Non-Profit of their own, Amplifying Education.

Watch Sheila Hamilton and JoAnn Schinderle sit down with Dispatch band members to discuss their own mental mindfulness in our Keep Oregon Well Wellness Zone. Watch further interviews on stage while Shelia and Dispatch discuss the importance of mental wellness and why this specific topic hits close to home with band members.

To learn more about ways you can join the movement, take the Keep Oregon Well pledge to help fight the stigma and to become a mental health advocate.


Watch Dispatch discuss mental wellness in our Wellness Zone:

Watch Dispatch discuss on stage why mental health matters:

Watch videos of Dispatch’s live performance here:


Check out photos of the performance:

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