We are thrilled to announce that The Les Paul Foundation has awarded Trillium Family Services a grant toward music therapy at our Day Treatment program at the Edwards School in Portland, Oregon.

Edwards Day School specializes in educational services with individual and family therapy, and group skills training for students ages 5-17 whose emotional or behavioral difficulties impact their ability to be successful in mainstream school. The ‘Kids Play Guitar’ Music Program is a valuable part of their skills training.

Since 2012, more than 70 kids have learned to play guitar through this program. Guitars are lent to kids who would not otherwise have access to them for practice at home, and students may earn their guitars in order to keep them after discharge from Edwards School. Students learn from a formally educated instructor with decades of musical experience, in partnership with Edwards Day School healthcare professionals.

“We are so grateful to the Les Paul Foundation for investing in the next generation,” said Kim Scott, Trillium Group CEO. “As young Les Paul was forced to deal with trauma due to his parents’ divorce, so too must many kids at Edwards deal with parental divorce, substance abuse, and even incarceration.”

Les Paul’s words encapsulate the motivation behind the program: “Some things are going to fall your way when you thought they wouldn’t, and sometimes you’re going to step on a rake and get a rotten deal when you thought you had it made. It’s challenges that make you better and prove beneficial to you.”

Thank you, Les Paul Foundation, for your contribution to Building Brighter Futures for Children and Their Families!

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