Trillium Family Services’ staff are providing heroic care to Oregon’s most vulnerable children and families. We are asking our community and donor heroes to make a special commitment to support their work.

Join Trillium’s Heroes Challenge!

In such stressful times, it is particularly hard for the youth and families who face mental and emotional challenges, many who live with uncertainty and trauma on a constant basis.  We believe the way through this is to connect with each other, to look for inspiration and to acknowledge just how heroic people can be. Join us as one of Trillium’s heroes!

This is the most daunting challenge that Trillium Family Services has ever confronted. We find ourselves amid evolving complexity and facing questions that we don’t have all the answers for.   Every day, we are determining the best ways to protect the youth in care along with the staff who work with them.   We are supporting fearful parents, some of whom pull their children out of residential care out of fear of contagion. We watch our staff coming into work daily to ensure client safety even though they may be afraid of exposure.

Yet, we are also seeing example after example of inspiration and heroism by the employees throughout Trillium Family Services and the entire Trillium community in ways that provide us with hope and strength. Our staff are amazing, working to bring their best selves each day to work with the young people entrusted to their care.

Please consider a heroic commitment in Trillium Family Services by making a donation. We know this is not easy, but we believe this is an important way to help support our most vulnerable children and families. Thank you and stay safe!