Trillium Family Services has provided a sequence of short videos as tools to utilize in building and strengthening resilience. These videos offer connection to the Sanctuary and DBT models as we all face unexpected and rapid changes in our daily lives. Videos can offer connection to concepts to understand the impacts of stress, change, and traumas in addition to how to cope and manage through these difficult times.

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Is COVID19 a traumatic event?

In this video we’ll take a few minutes to look at the microbiology of trauma. The question of if COVID-19 is a trauma can be answered, while discussing what impacts trauma can have on the individual or family system.

Safety Plans and Self Care

In this video we will briefly explore two plans that support emotional management for your overall mental, emotional and physical health. This video will help you identify how to create a quick safety plan for in the moment emotional management. Then move into exploring the types of self care you can engage in and simple ways to make your self care plan a consistent and proactive part of your life.

Our Brain and Stress

As the stress in our life continues and for many increase, this video allows you to take a look at the impact of stress on your body and mind and how our brain is reacting to the stress.

Risk and Resilience

In this short video we provide information about how resilience develops naturally and can be bolstered by things like healthy relationships.

Community Check-In

Here we introduce you to the Community Check-In tool. Connecting with others in your life (personal and/or professional) is a simple way to build resilience!

7 Commitments

This video will provide an overview of the 7 commitments from the Sanctuary Model. In this video, we will discuss how to utilize these commitments in daily living and how to create and improve on a culture of innovation and resilience.