Dr. Eileen McCarty graduated from UC Santa Cruz (BA in Literature/Creative Writing from the fightin’ Banana Slugs), New York University (MA in Creative Writing/Poetry from the fightin’ Violets) and medical school at UC Irvine (MD from the fightin’ Anteaters). Despite these warlike school mascots, Dr. McCarty is not a huge fan of sports. With the exception of the Portland Thorns. (Please do not try to explain the concept of “offsides” to Dr. McCarty; she does not believe in it, unless it is called against the opposing team). Dr. McCarty considers her many (hundreds?) of years waiting tables to have been an excellent prerequisite for being a psychiatrist, and can still carry four full dinners at once if pressed into service. Dr. McCarty has interest and additional training in integrative psychiatry, and the role of nutrition in mental health. She considers it a personal mission to eradicate Takis from the face of the earth. Dr. McCarty has enjoyed advanced integrative psychiatry trainings with William Walsh PhD, Will VanderVeer MD, Janet Settle MD, and Scott Shannon MD. Lest you think she is merely a biomolecular geek, Dr. McCarty is very interested in psychotherapy (individual and family). She has trained in David Burns MD’s T.E.A.M. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach and enjoys bringing these highly effective techniques into her work with children, adolescents and adults. Dr. McCarty is also a fan of and believer in Collaborative Problem Solving (and has trained with Stuart Ablon PhD and Bruce Perry MD). She loves to work with families who are deep “in the struggle” of challenging behavioral and communication dynamics. She is also a big believer in and proponent of physical exercise as a treatment modality, and will try to coax unsuspecting tweens onto one of the two spin bikes in her office. Her dog, Pepsi (aka Dogtor McCarty) is a frequent guest on the Parry Center campus, and would like you to stop reading and throw the ball now, if you please. Dr. McCarty has worked as a psychiatrist in a variety of settings: the emergency room, inpatient (child/adolescent and adult), partial hospitalization (including with eating disordered adolescents and adults), outpatient, day treatment and residential care. Dr. McCarty is the 2019 President of the Oregon Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She was disappointed to learn this role comes with neither a crown nor a sceptre.