Chiharu Blatt supports the community based programs in the Mid Valley and Central Oregon regions.  In the Mid-Willamette Valley region she oversees North Point Day Program, Sender House Young Adult Program, Intensive Outpatient Community Based Treatment, School Based Outpatient Services including Mental Health Promotion and the Equine Program. In the Central Oregon region, she oversees the Sagebrush Day Program and School Based Outpatient Services.

Chiharu received her Masters Degree from Oregon State, and is an LPC. She has been with Trillium for over 15 years, starting at direct care services in various residential units. She has experience working in the community setting as well on the Intensive Community Service Team in addition to working as a clinician within the agency at residential and community levels of care. Chiharu entered the management role in 2012 for the outpatient and young adult teams. Since then she and her team have continued engaging partnerships with school districts to support the growing need for mental health and preventative supports in addition to further day treatment growth.