Dr. Benjamin Andrew Adler, who goes by Andy, is a Child Psychiatrist at the Children’s Farm Home.  He is frequently seen riding bikes, jogging or baking pies with kids on campus.  In general, Dr. Adler has found that children learn best when adults partner with them in the process of problem solving and both journey together towards mutually beneficial goals.  This perspective continues to motivate him to join with Farm Home clients in many community-based activities, such as running events and most recently bringing children to Da Vinci Days, a science based festival that occurs yearly in Corvallis, Oregon.

Dr. Adler was an undergraduate at Oregon State University before attending medical school and psychiatry residency at Indiana University School of Medicine.  He moved back to Corvallis after completion of child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at the University of Washington.    Prior to medical school he worked as a camp counsellor and a direct care provider in psychiatric units in the Portland metro area.  Dr. Adler is interested in Autism Spectrum Disorders, medication use in foster care children and modifiable factors that promote resilience in children with trauma.  He commonly uses therapeutic techniques from a variety of theoretical perspectives including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.  Additionally, Dr. Adler provides a great example of self-care and can often be seen playing his ukulele in the rare moments of Oregon sunshine.