What is DBT?

DBT is an evidence-based practice and trauma-informed therapy that helps teenagers with intense emotions and related destructive behaviors.

How does it work?

DBT helps to develop positive coping skills for dealing with emotional distress. This type of therapy teaches young people how to be in control of their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

To replace destructive behaviors, DBT teaches specific coping skills.

The ability to recognize and experience thoughts, feelings, and emotions in the moment

Emotion Regulation
Understanding the nature and importance of emotions while learning to recognize and value one’s own emotional responses

Distress Tolerance
Empowering oneself to manage stress in a healthy and productive manner

Interpersonal Effectiveness
Social skills that help individuals establish and maintain healthy relationships with others

Who we serve

We serve children and adolescents, ages 12 – 17, whose mental health difficulties impact their ability to be successful in their homes, schools, and communities.

Services we provide

The treatment strategy includes individual and group therapy, 24 hour skills coaching, consultation with therapists and psychiatrists, and medication depending on individual needs. Intensive family therapy is central to treatment. This component assists families with learning DBT skills, communication, boundaries, and putting these skills into practice at home.

Location of service

Trillium Children’s Farm Home

With 300 beautiful acres in Corvallis, Oregon, Trillium’s Children’s Farm Home campus offers opportunities for riding and caring for horses, yoga, bicycling, and other recreational and complementary approaches aimed at treating the whole child and gaining maximum benefits from treatment.

Words from a client

“When I was at the Children’s Farm Home, I learned the beauty of life. I learned how to love myself and appreciate myself for who I am. I learned the danger in black and white thinking. I learned that good people do bad things. I learned that honesty and accepting help in my life has been and will be one of the best decisions for my health. I attribute a lot of the change that I was able to experience to three things: medication stabilization, the supportive and experienced staff, and what I call the wonderful world of DBT. This form of therapy has completely changed the way I think, react, and respond. I use it every single day. I teach it to those around me. I study it. I just love it.”

– Megan, 18

Trillium’s full array of services

Trillium Family Services offers the complete continuum of care, from prevention to secure inpatient level
mental health services. This facilitates seamless transitions and allows children to be treated in the most
appropriate, most effective, and least restrictive level of care possible.

Please contact our Access Department for more information or to make a referral.

p: 888.333.6177

General inquiries only.  Do not send clinical information or secure email to this email address.  Please fax clinical documents to 503-205-0190.

Residential DBT services are located in the Mid-Willamette Valley area:

The Children’s Farm Home
4455 NE Highway 20
Corvallis, OR 97330