Chrysalis is a school based prevention program to support teenage, female-identifying trauma survivors.

Chrysalis groups are held weekly from October through June at each of our host high school sites. Our groups use an evidence-based curriculum to support members in understanding how surviving trauma has impacted them and in making sense of their trauma in a way that allows them to move successfully into their futures. Group members learn healthy coping skills, learn about trauma and its effects, and support each other in telling their survival stories.

Currently we have Chrysalis Groups at the following high schools:

Benson HS

Cleveland HS

Franklin HS

Grant HS

Ida B Well HS

Jefferson HS

Lincoln HS

McDaniel HS

Roosevel HS

Fir Ridge HS


Chrysalis Groups offer:

Weekly Therapeutic Support Groups for 8 to 12 girls per group
Case Management & Referrals
Team Building Field Trip
Self – Defense Field Trip
Yoga Field Trip
End of the year celebration Field Trip
Chrysalis is free of charge to all participants


Chrysalis Program Data:

Promoting Academic Success: The Chrysalis Project’s Impact on Graduation Rates in the State of Oregon

95% of group participants at the end of the year reported that they now feel less alone as a survivor of trauma after being in the chrysalis group

80% of group participants reported that they felt safe and supported by the group

73% reported they now have more coping skills to use when having a hard time after being a part of the chrysalis group

98% reported that they now know more about trauma and how surviving trauma has effected them

100% reported thinking it is helpful to learn about trauma and its effects.


If you are interested in joining a Chrysalis Group or in referring a high school girl to a group please contact Erica Weber, LCSW at or (503) 939-0923 to find out more information.

Chrysalis is sponsored in part by  selco_color and is funded fully by grants, donations, and sponsorships. Locations of groups and the number of groups we provide may change from year to year due to funding limitations and other considerations. If you are interested in making a donation or in sponsoring Chrysalis please contact Jenny Lind, at