Activities Meeting the School Wellness Policy Goals:

2015 National School Breakfast Week— Our theme: “Make the Grade with School Breakfast”. We want to highlight how eating a nutritious breakfast helps students achieve success in the classroom and beyond. Daily activities have been planned to keep clients engaged with our celebration, including a client art contest, a celebrity day (for modeling eating behaviors), a brief stretching routine before breakfast, and daily announcements by teachers-reminding students that breakfast gives them energy, it’s a chance to socialize, and it helps them do better in school.

2016 October Farm to School Month Celebration— At the Parry Center for Children; we celebrated October Harvest of the Month by incorporating the National Farm to School Month activities. Our goals were to recognize the importance of farm to school programs as a means to improve child nutrition, and educate children about the origins of food. We focused on four themes throughout the month: educational outcomes, healthy school meals, the school garden and the next generation. We utilized the NFSN communications toolkit to help promote National Farm to School Month and raise awareness about the value of connecting students with local food. We also utilized some of the resources on the NFSN website, including logos, posters, and fact sheets. We also designed and developed some of our own teaching materials and performed snack recipe taste testing with the clients.