4C building

Four Corners Therapeutic School is a public school program within the Reynolds School District. Four Corners is run in collaboration with Trillium Family Services to provide inclusive academic, mental health, and behavioral support to some of the highest needs children in the state of Oregon (K – 8th grade).

The students at Four Corners are individuals who have specialized learning needs and have often experienced environmental and emotional stress in their lives. They require a highly structured setting in order to achieve the academic success that they deserve.

fourcornersThe therapeutic environment at Four Corners does not rely solely upon a behavioral approach, but rather utilizes a holistic blending of mental health and education that provides for the individual needs of each student. Through carefully structured classroom instruction paired with specialized therapeutic skills training, children are given the chance to flourish and succeed.

At Four Corners small classroom sizes, a 1:3 adult to student ratio, and fully integrated mental health support staff merge together in order to prepare students for a successful transition to a less restrictive environment.

Four Corners School
14513 SE Stark St,
Portland, Oregon 97233