What is it

The Young Adult Program at Sender House is a voluntary residential program for individuals struggling with significant mental health diagnoses as they transition toward independent living. The Sender House is one of several Transitional Age Youth Programs in the state of Oregon.

Our purpose

Our goal is to help young adults understand and manage their mental health needs with the help of community supports and on-site treatment services. This program was initiated in efforts to help transitional age youth who are living with mental health challenges function successfully in the community, and be less inclined to become homeless or dependent on the system for everyday needs.

Who we serve

We serve young adults, ages 17-24, who are in need of temporary guidance as they develop the skills necessary to successfully manage their mental health needs in conjunction with daily life expectations.

Services we provide

Residents receive formal treatment services through Linn County Mental Health. This includes medication management appointments with a psychiatrist and sessions with a therapist.

Other services include the following:

  • Individual and group sessions led by Trillium skills trainers
  • Assistance with gaining skills needed to be successful in the community
  • Helping residents succeed in volunteer activities, work, and school completion
  • Basic care coordination related to discharge planning and follow up services
  • Weekly Community Groups led by a Clinical Supervisor (QMHP)

Sender House

The Young Adult Program is offered at the Sender House, a residential home located within a small neighborhood community in Albany, Oregon. The program resembles that of a traditional group home and can accommodate four clients. Each resident has their own room and is encouraged to be an active member of the household, including participating in skills groups and helping out with everyday tasks.

While in the program, residents work toward building competency in the following areas: safety, independent living skills, compliance with program expectations, and readiness to begin taking further steps toward true independent living. Some clients may be eligible to move into the one-bedroom apartment located approximately five blocks from the Sender House. This option provides support for residents who may need that extra transitional aid before graduation.

How it is funded

Residents in the Young Adult Program are funded via Medicaid through the State of Oregon. The service area includes the entire state of Oregon and therefore is not limited to specific regions. DHS caseworkers, probation officers, Mental Health Organizations, current treatment providers, and even young adults themselves may make a referral. If the client does not have Medicaid, staff can help facilitate the application process.

How we measure success

Each resident is given an Individualized Plan of Care, which outlines areas of focus in treatment as well as long- and short-term goals to measuring his or her progress. Goals are reviewed with the resident as well as the county to determine appropriateness and help evaluate readiness for graduation from the program. A typical length of stay is one year. When treatment goals are met, residents graduate from the program with a transition plan, including aftercare appointments with a psychiatrist, individual therapist, and any other necessary follow up. Depending on their needs, residents may be recommended to utilize additional resources such as group therapy, further skills training, intensive outpatient treatment, and be referred to a primary care physician.

Please contact a representative at the Sender House for more information.

Phone: 541-207-5787

Referral packets for all Transitional Age Youth Programs can be obtained from:

Jessica Stout, MS, LPC
Phone: (503) 757-4722

Trillium’s Young Adult Program is located at:

Sender House
729 SW 7th Ave.
Albany, OR 97322