What is Equine Assisted Therapy

The program develops an individualized plan to work with the specific needs of each client. The skilled team of mental health professionals create innovative activities to reach clients in non-traditional ways.

Who we are

A Therapeutic Horse Program comprised of skills trainers and horses working with the youth, their families, and their treatment team to gain skills and achieve goals outlined in their treatment plan.

Our purpose

Pairing youth and their families with horses and skills trainers to build skills necessary to be successful in their journey with mental and behavioral health challenges.

Who we serve

Youth of all ages and their families who need support and skill building to be successful in their homes, schools and communities

Services we provide

Individual equine assisted skills training sessions

  • Relationship building and forming healthy attachments
  • Executive Functioning Skills – goal setting, sustaining attention, organization, problem solving
  • Emotion Regulation Skills – managing frustration and anxiety
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Social Skills – pairing with other clients, exploring how their behavior effects others, exploring others perspectives, effective communication

Family equine assisted skills training sessions

  • Creating a bond between family members
  • Helping to form a working respectful relationship between family members and client
  • Working with parents and caregivers on ways to work with their youth

Location of Service

Trillium Children’s Farm Home – The horse stables are located on the Children’s Farm Home campus amongst 300 beautiful acres in Corvallis, Oregon. Trillium’s Children’s Farm Home campus also offers residential and subacute programming.

Words from Clients

“It’s a lot easier for me to feel confident when I’m around horses. They help me calm down.”
-female, age 13

“It helps build relationships with my peers. It also builds trust and skills for my future.”
-male, age 16

Trillium’s full array of services

Trillium Family Services offers the complete continuum of care, from prevention to secure inpatient level
mental health services. This facilitates seamless transitions and allows children to be treated in the most
appropriate, most effective, and least restrictive level of care possible.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

Rachel Quesnel
Horse Program Director
office: 541-758-5979
cell: 541.760.1943
CLICK HERE for a list of information needed to make a referral

Trillium’s Horse Program is located at:
Children’s Farm Home
4455 NE Highway 20
Corvallis, OR 97330