This page has been created as a resource for individuals, and birth parents of individuals, adopted through Waverly Children’s Home. Oregon laws have changed regarding adoption records. Even though private agency adoption records are still legally sealed, if the adoptee and birth mother have both registered with our Adoption Registry, identifying information and reunions are possible. The State of Oregon Department of Human Services offers Search and Reunion services (for a fee), but only after the party requesting the search has registered with Trillium Adoption Registry.

The adoption registry can help adoptees gain access to vital genetic and/or health information that was not known when they were released for adoption. It may also provide the opportunity for them to reunite with birth parents or biological siblings they may not know they have.
(Birth parents who do not wish to be identified can be assured that identifying information will remain confidential and not released without a court order.)

Click on a link below to access the printable form:

Voluntary Adoption Registry Form

Birth Parent Medical History Form

If you would like information about the Waverly adoption registry, please contact us either by phone at 503-813-7765 or by email at