Building Brighter Futures with Oregon’s Youth Through a New Secure Residential Building, Redwood 

In September 2020, Trillium is opening the second of two, state-of-the-art treatment units on our Corvallis campus. The first, Sequoia, opened in 2015. Together with a third unit planned for our Portland campus, Trillium will ultimately have 36 beds of upgraded capacity to serve youth in our secure inpatient programs. As an added benefit, this project will free up the current program building on our Corvallis campus for use in lower levels of care. Ultimately, the project will increase service capacity and improve the available continuum of care for youth across the state.

The new building, called Redwood after consultation with our staff and youth in our care, incorporates state-of-the-art architectural and environmental interventions that helps keep clients safe, reduces resource use, and encourages more effective treatment in a warmer and more healing environment. This building was designed with input from the staff and clinicians who work in the SAIP program, and the result is a building tailored specifically to the needs of the adolescents who occupy it.

The Redwood project is about much more than the building – it’s a commitment to Oregon’s youth and families in mental health crisis. Through no fault of their own, most have suffered unthinkable trauma and endured multiple failed placements in a fractured health care system. At Trillium, we refuse to give up hope on any young person in our care. We steadfastly believe that all young people, given the opportunity and under the right circumstances, can and do heal, and go on to achieve success and happiness.

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