It was a delight watching The Outdoor Type perform on the Keep Oregon Well stage at Skype Live Studio! Front man Zack Buchanan traveled across seas from Melbourne, Australia to the PNW to promote upcoming concert dates in America. This performance was his first in the states! (Watch video clips below). His band mates sat this round out and the entire audience was more than impressed to see Zack create beautiful music with a local back up band that he just met moments before the show.  Moments like that really make you realize that with enough drive, confidence, and gratitude, you can pull off seemingly nerve racking feats! Take a look at our Wellness Zone interview with Zack where we discuss travel, wellness, and positivity!

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Watch our Wellness Zone interview with Zack Buchanan here:


Watch video of The Outdoor Type performance with the Keep Oregon Well concert series here:


Check out photo’s of the performance here: 

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