The Minders rocked the Kink FM’s Skype Live Studio! We loved watching the indie pop group’s dynamic performance. From the guitars to the trumpets, the audience loved listening to The Minders’ complex sound and heartfelt lyrics! Check out their new album, Into the River!

You too can help to raise awareness about mental and behavioral health and fight stigma by taking the “Keep Oregon Well” Pledge. We look forward to seeing you at the next #KeepOregonWell concert! Want to get more involved with the Keep Oregon Well movement? Join the #KeepOregonWell Street Team! Volunteers attend shows like these in the Skype Live Studio, community events, and more to spread the word that mental health matters. Email Shanin Engman (SEngman@TrilliumFamily.org) to find out more!

Watch videos from The Minders’ “Keep Oregon Well” show here:

Check out pictures from the show here: 

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