The Keep Oregon Well Street Team had s STELLAR time watching JoJo perform in a Live 95.5 show in the Skype Live Studio! JoJo shared about her self-care experience of being silent for a week. That’s right, no talking or social media for one week. She said it help her reconnect with the writing process and her true-self. The most rewarding part for the Keep Oregon Well Street Team was when JoJo acknowledge the importance of Keep Oregon Well’s advocacy work to fight the stigma against mental and behavioral health! Thank you, JoJo for raising awareness that mental health matters!

You too can meet your favorite artists by volunteering with Keep Oregon Well. Email Shanin Engman, SEngman@TrilliumFamily.org to find out more.

Check out the #KeepOregonWell concert series at the Skype Live Studio to see upcoming performances.

Watch video from JoJo’s Keep Oregon Well performance here:

Check out photos from the show here:

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