Thank you John Nemeth & the Blue Dreamers for your soulful performance in Kink FM’s Skype Live Studio! Nemeth modeled the Keep Oregon Well value of social learning during his interview. He taught the crowd how to make “Kool-Aid Pickles.” Thanks again for rocking out for our #KeepOregonWell concert series helps us raise awareness about mental and behavioral health!

Have you taken the Keep Oregon Well Pledge? Click here to join the movement by taking the Pledge now.

Interested in being more involved with Keep Oregon Well? Join the #KeepOregonWell Street Team, a group of passionate volunteers dedicated to spreading the word that #MentalHealthMatters. Email Shanin Engman (SEngman@TrilliumFamily.org) for more information.

Watch video from John Nemeth & the Blue Dreamers’ “Keep Oregon Well” show here:

Check out pictures from the show here:

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