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Thank you to Graham Nash for rocking out during our #KeepOregonWell concert series with Kink Fm at the Skype Live Studio. Nash’s light tenor voice guided the audience through an emotional journey about recent changes in his life. In an interview with NPR Nash stated,”I think the art of a good songwriter is to take an incident that’s happened to him or her and make it apply to everybody that’s listening.” Nash is a model for emotional intelligence. His ability to recognize and label his emotions were demonstrated during the performance of “Myself at Last” when he stopped the performance to restart the third verse. Ending the set with “This Path Tonight” Nash prompted the audience to think, “What will I do with all these feelings…” as they continued their day.

Keep Oregon Well raise awareness for mental and behavioral health. You too can join the fight against the stigma behind mental health by signing our #KeepOregonWell Pledge at KeepOregonWell.com.

Watch video from the Graham Nash  “Keep Oregon Well” show here:



Check out photos from the performance here:

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