Thank you Civil Twilight for playing our concert series this week! We enjoyed having the opportunity to interview you about how you all stay well while touring. Civil Twilight said of their new album, Story of an Immigrant, as “we all have a story to tell, come from someplace else and are headed somewhere new.” This reminded me of the Keep Oregon Well value to social responsibility, creating a community in which people care for one another. Civil Twilight’s perspective that we are all immigrants in need of a sense of belonging resonates with our movement. Join us by taking  the Keep Oregon Well Pledge to help us create a community of solidarity and support for people with mental health challenges.

Many thanks to everyone for helping to raise awareness about mental health and fight stigma.  Stay tuned for new concert postings as part of our ongoing #KeepOregonWell concert series concert series.


Watch Civil Twilight talk mental health with Keep Oregon Well here:


Watch video from Civil Twilight’s “Keep Oregon Well” show here:

Check out pictures from the show here:

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