The Science of Change is a look at the inner workings of people as they encounter life-changing experiences.

Visual artist Quire conducted filmed interviews with five diverse individuals and created corresponding mixed media artworks. The art work, taken from three different expression stills, will be represented by a traditional portrait painting in acrylic on canvas, an embroidered portrait on dyed translucent fabric, and a portrait etched into transparent Plexiglas. The project is comprised of five digital media/art installations that will be displayed at various Trillium Family Services locations from February – May 2017.

The spirit of this series reflects Keep Oregon Well’s values of social learning, growth & change, equity & inclusion, and visibility & empowerment. We are honored to have Quire as a community partner. Displaying her artwork throughout Trillium creates a unique opportunity for the artwork to be used therapeutically as well as to start a conversation with community members.

Check out the interviews that inspired the work in The Science of Change here: 

Brynn – Actor & mother discusses her turbulent childhood, how she changed her name based on her changing identity, and what she now hopes to impart to her children.

Darell – Newlywed & counselor shares about how changing location helped him change his perspective of himself and those around him.

Jessica – Young gallery owner discusses her struggle with anxiety and how she found what she really wanted to do in life after letting go of old definitions of herself.

Jeff – Music teacher & musician shares how music sharing on the internet changed his perspective on music and his entire creative process.

Pete – Middle-aged entrepreneur & family man talks about how he came over the grief after the passing of his grandfather with tattoos and changing perspective on homosexuality.

Click here to purchase drawings from the series.

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