Oct 13 - 12p

Located on Skype Live Studio, Southwest 5th Avenue, Portland, OR, United States

Skype Live Studio
Skype Live Studio
Southwest 5th Avenue, Portland  OR
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MUNA at The Great Escape 2016

Members Katie Gavin (lead vocals/production), Naomi McPherson (production/guitar/synths/vocals), and Josette Maskin (lead guitar/vocals) have written, recorded, self-produced all of their releases to date from bedrooms in LA and NYC. Their music blends the brooding sensuality of R&B, rhythms of funk and pop rock, and audacity of synthpop with raw, unbridled lyricism. MUNA‘s debut release, “The Loudspeaker EP,” is out now via RCA Records and National Anthem in the UK.

As you probably already know, Trillium has partnered with Alpha Media to get our #KeepOregonWell message out into the world. Since then we have been rocking it with some fantastic artists, including Margret GlaspyRogue WaveEmpty Houses, and Twin Peaks!

Learn more about upcoming “Keep Oregon Well” events with Kink FM at the Skype Live Studio HERE.