Sep 13 - 6:30p

Located on Skype Live Studio, Southwest 5th Avenue, Portland, OR, United States

Skype Live Studio
Skype Live Studio
Southwest 5th Avenue, Portland  OR
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There’s a reason so many music fans have been anxiously awaiting the adult metamorphosis of Joanna “JoJo” Levesque: the seeds of pop stardom that she flashed during her teenage years blossomed into unparalleled promise in her early 20’s. A pair of albums in the mid-2000’s hinted at a vocal power and songwriting prowess that would expand as JoJo left her childhood behind, and as new music began trickling out, anticipation for a proper next step grew to a fever pitch. When would JoJo’s wildly talented voice be heard?

The highly-anticipated moment has finally arrived. JoJo has made good on the promise of her early years and delivered a next chapter so engrossing that it cannot be denied. Armed with a new project of gorgeous pop, soulful R&B and absurdly catchy dance music, JoJo has spent the past half-decade collecting the experiences that will comprise her Atlantic Records debut. It’s a project sure to exceed the expectations of her longtime supporters, and bring in a  slew of new fans as well.

As you probably already know, Trillium has partnered with Alpha Media to get our #KeepOregonWell message out into the world. Since then we have been rocking it with some fantastic artists, including Phillip PhillipsSwitchfoot, and Brandi Carlile!

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