Jun 14 - 12pm

Located on Skype Live Studio, Southwest 5th Avenue, Portland, OR, United States

Skype Live Studio
Skype Live Studio
Southwest 5th Avenue, Portland  OR
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“Through the years we’ve been fine tuning the purpose behind what we’re doing,” Nahkosays. “The oral tradition of storytelling is so important for our generation to bring with us. Part of what we try to convey is accountability and empowerment. These songs direct us to look at ourselves, whether it’s about a social issue, environmental or a personal issue. They embrace Bob Marley’s idea of world-bridging, bringing people together to resolve differences. For us, music is a tool to create healing and activate people to change things….I think our music promotes the bridging of all tribes. The lyrics and the stories and our energy as a group break down people’s walls. You’ll find us in the most unique places on earth because it’s real, raw, and honest storytelling about what we’ve been through and what we believe in. And that’s why people connect with it. I think that’s the most important thing you can do with music.” – Bear

As you probably already know, Trillium has partnered with Alpha Media to get our #KeepOregonWell message out into the world. Since then we have been rocking it with some fantastic artists, including Lake Street Dive, The Heavy, Pete Yorn, Matt Simons, and Flo Rida!

The only way to win tickets to the performance is to listen to 101.9 KINK FM, so keep your radios tuned in for your chance to attend these concerts.

Learn more about upcoming “Keep Oregon Well” events with Kink FM at the Skype Live Studio HERE.