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Located on Skype Live Studio, Southwest 6th Avenue, Portland, OR, United States

Skype Live Studio
Skype Live Studio
Southwest 6th Avenue, Portland  OR
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When rock band Augustana‘s original lineup disbanded in earlier this decade, frontman Dan Layus  continued recording under that name – until now. The Nashville-based musician is set to release his debut solo album “Dangerous Things” on Oct. 21, with the title track premiering below on Speakeasy today. Layus says the tune came to him one afternoon when he was “stumbling around some chords and the phrase ‘I can’t help playing with playing with dangerous things’ popped into his head after he was exploring some melodies.  “I can’t explain how or why it happens, but when it does it feels like everything makes perfect sense,” he says.The song invokes some personal reflections about moderation and balance, in both the physical and mental sense – there’s a clear character in the tune, but it’s informed much by Layus’s own life and feelings. Augustana formed in 2003 and released four albums – the final one as a band was 2011’s self-titled set. Recently, Layus has been opening up for the Dixie Chicks on their European tour. He says the biggest difference between his new solo work and his past with Augustana is that this time around, there was a set path to completion. “I had a vision that made complete sense to me from day one,” he says.

As you probably already know, Trillium has partnered with Alpha Media to get our #KeepOregonWell message out into the world. Since then we have been rocking it with some fantastic artists, including Blind PilotKyle Crafts, and Phillip Phillips!

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