Dec 20 - 3p

Located on Skype Live Studio, Southwest 6th Avenue, Portland, OR, United States

Skype Live Studio
Skype Live Studio
Southwest 6th Avenue, Portland  OR
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The Ben Rice Trio has been described by outsiders as Roots, RnB, Swamp Rock, and Blues based Soul. Ben himself says the band’s music is the kitchen sink of rhythm and grooves.

Their latest album, “Pour Me Some Whiskey” is a testament to that. The album features songs exemplifying various sub-genres of blues. Songs like, “Wreck on You” a hard rocking in your face song that conjures up Johnny Cash meets Motörhead, “Chop You Up” a fast swinging jump blues, straight out of the West Coast tradition, “Don’t Worry Mama” a fan favorite inspired by Reverend Gary Davis, and “I Know You Love Me” a song out of the Memphis soul tradition.

The magnetizing energy of the Ben Rice Trio performances originates in the band’s love of playing music. This energy feeds the audience and elevates the overall live music experience. The band’s intermixture of musical styles ensures that each music set is interesting and engaging for listeners. The band takes great enjoyment in performing such a varied repertoire so fervently.

As you probably already know, Trillium has partnered with Alpha Media to get our #KeepOregonWell message out into the world. Since then we have been rocking it with some fantastic artists, including O.A.R.The Record CompanyThe Minders, and Marlon Williams!

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