Skills Trainer Intern – Children’s Farm Home

Location: Corvallis - Children's Farm Home
Program/Department: Residential/Outpatient/Day Treatment
Schedule: Flexible w/school schedule

Job Summary:  Educational learning opportunity in a residential care facility responsible for providing support to staff and supervision teams without any direct or physical client contact.


Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:  
Engages in positive and appropriate relationship-building with clients, their resources, and coworkers.  
Provides supervision, care and support of clients in accordance with TFS policy.  
Collaborates respectfully with co-workers to help facilitate Individual and Group Skills Training with the Clients in accordance with the Client’s treatment plan.  
Understands and can communicate how the treatment process (from assessment to discharge) works, including the importance of interdisciplinary communication, family engagement, documentation, and relationship building.  
Demonstrates understanding of risk management procedures, protocols, policies and interventions related to high risk client behavior.  This is achieved through policy review, formal testing, training compliance, and validated observation which demonstrates these competencies.  
Assists co-workers with Crisis Management and Intervention. This includes modeling the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention principals of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security while providing assistance as instructed by the treatment team.  
Communicates in developmentally appropriate and respectful manner with clients, their resources, and coworkers.  
Conducts oneself in a professional and respectful manner with clients, their resources and coworkers; as evidenced by actions, language, and attire.  
Demonstrates cultural awareness and works toward cultural competencies for the organization.  
Demonstrates an ability to creatively and collaboratively problem solve in their daily work with clients, their resources, and coworkers.  
Demonstrates an ability to use good judgment with clients, their resources and coworkers; within the guidelines of policy and Trauma informed care principles.  
All other duties as assigned  


Professional Requirements:  
Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat, clean and professional.  
Reports to work on time and as scheduled per internship agreement  
Wears identification while on duty;  
Completes all training required for position. All training is complete and up to date.  
Attends required staff meetings;  
Demonstrates acceptance of a variety of lifestyles, behaviors and cultures.  
Demonstrates the ability to establish clear and appropriate boundaries in relationships with staff and clients and the handling of confidential and sensitive information.  
Complies with all organizational policies.  
Participate in “Living the Brand” training/orientation and demonstrate the agency’s brand and values when interacting with clients and their families, colleagues, and community members.  


Demonstrates a commitment to the following Organizational Priorities with regard to all persons:  
A commitment to non-violence: Helping to build safety skills and a commitment to higher purpose.  
A commitment to emotional intelligence: Helping to teach emotional management skills.  
A commitment to social learning: Helping to build cognitive skills  
A commitment to open communication: Helping to overcome barriers to healthy communication, learn conflict management, reduce acting out, enhance self protective and self correcting skills, teach health boundaries  
A commitment to democracy: Helping to create civic skills of self control, self discipline and administration of healthy authority.  
Commitments to social responsibility: Helping to rebuild social connection skills, establish health attachment relationships; establish sense of fair play and justice.  
A commitment to growth and change: Helping to work through loss and prepare for the future.  

As an intern with Trillium Family Services you may not engage in these activities at any time

while on site: 

No alone time with clients without supervision from other skills trainers or supervisors
No TIER access (shift notes, general notes, MAR access, etc
No Manual Restraints
No phone call access with people outside of Trillium Family Services

Requirements:  Enrollment in a baccalaureate program in psychology, social work or related field, for which an internship/practicum placement is an integral part of degree requirements.  Applicant must have a sophomore or above standing with the university.  Experience working with adolescents (coaching, 4-H, church youth group, practicum, camp or other recreational activities) preferred.

Skills:  Basic computer knowledge.

Physical Demands:  For physical demands of the position, including vision, hearing, repetitive motion and environment, please contract the HR department.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position without compromising client care.

Application Details:

Consideration of candidates will begin immediately and position may close after that date without notice.

If you need accommodation to review the information and/or complete the application process, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Trillium Family Services is a drug free workplace. All final applicants will be subject to a criminal record identification check pursuant to ORS 181.536.727.537 and agency policy. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider and support a culturally linguistically diverse governance, leadership and workforce.