Skills Trainer – Health Services

Location: Portland - Parry Center for Children
Program/Department: Health Services
Schedule: 2 openings - 30 hours/week-Thursday thru Saturday 1:30pm to 11:30 pm and Varied On-Call

Internal Applicants: Please submit a cover letter with the position listed and an updated resume to the HR department to apply.

Job Summary:  Responsible for providing supervision and trauma-informed care of clients in the Residential Treatment program. Employee implements treatment programming in a milieu environment as a member of an interdisciplinary team of professionals.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:  
Provides supervision, care and support of clients in accordance with TFS policy  
Engages in positive and appropriate relationship-building with clients, their resources, and coworkers  
Completes documentation of a professional quality and within the timelines specified by policy  
Collaborates respectfully with coworkers to help facilitate Individual and Group Skills Training with clients in accordance with their individualized treatment plan  
Understands and communicates the treatment process (from assessment to discharge), including the importance of interdisciplinary communication, family engagement, documentation, and relationship building  
Demonstrates understanding of risk management procedures, protocols, policies, and interventions related to high risk client behavior.  This is achieved through policy review, formal testing, training compliance, and validated observation which demonstrates these competencies  
Participates in Crisis Management and Intervention, including modeling the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention principals of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security while providing verbal and physical intervention as instructed in the course  
Understands developmental stages and communicates with all clients in a manner consistent with the client’s unique needs  
Behaves in a professional and respectful manner with clients, their resources and coworkers; as evidenced by actions, language, and attire  
Engages and encourages client participation in the academic setting based on clients’ state and stage  
Organize and lead activities on on-school days  
Demonstrates cultural awareness and respect in interactions with clients, their resources, and coworkers  
Demonstrates the ability to administer medications to clients when needed, per TFS policy  
Demonstrates an ability to creatively and collaboratively problem solve in daily work with clients, their resources, and coworkers  
Demonstrates an ability to maintain a safe milieu environment, as evidenced by decision making, client engagement, and team interactions. Participates in beginning and end of shift team debriefs.  
Understands and engages in good self-care and boundaries, in accordance with trauma-informed principles  


Remains awake, alert and engaged during work shift hours  
Other duties as assigned  
CAMPUS OPERATIONS STAFF: Typical hours and program vary based on need  
Must stay compliant with all online and classroom training requirements   After registering for trainings email your schedule to your supervisor a minimum of two weeks in advance.  
Must show willingness to work in any program.  
Other duties as assigned  
SWING SHIFT STAFF: working between the day and night shifts; typically, 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm or 1:30 pm to 11:30 pm but may vary depending on need and location  
Shows ability to perform work independently, with limited oversight from supervisors and managers  
Shows creativity in planning, leading, delegating and resourcefulness in client activities, showing willingness and ability to keep clients engaged and participating in treatment activities  
Creates a calm and peaceful structured routine in preparation for evening transitions including bedtime while respecting clients’ developmental stage and state  
Other duties as assigned  
Responsible for providing safe and accurate medication administration to TFS clients and provide appropriate and timely documentation regarding all aspects of medication delivery  
Supervising and facilitating on campus appointments outside of medication passing times  
Supervising ZOOM appoints outside of medication passing times  
Attend pre-briefs /debriefs  
Group facilitation on weekends  
Observing clients/communicating with staff regarding clients need (s) for PRN medication  
Other duties as assigned  
AWAKE OVERNIGHT STAFF: working overnight; hours vary depending on need and location.  
Remains awake, alert and engaged during overnight and early morning hours  
Prepares documentation for daily needs of the unit and clients  
Ensures that a safe, clean and secure environment is provided to all clients, staff and visitors which includes but not limited to- cleanliness of linens, common areas and restrooms  
Other duties as assigned  


Demonstrates a commitment to the following organizational priorities with regard to all persons:  
A commitment to non-violence: Helping to build safety skills and a commitment to higher purpose.  
A commitment to emotional intelligence: Helping to teach emotional management skills.  
A commitment to social learning: Helping to build cognitive skills  
A commitment to open communication: Helping to overcome barriers to healthy communication, learn conflict management, reduce acting out, enhance self-protective and self-correcting skills, teach health boundaries  
A commitment to democracy: Helping to create civic skills of self-control, self-discipline and administration of healthy authority.  
Commitments to social responsibility: Helping to rebuild social connection skills, establish health attachment relationships; establish sense of fair play and justice.  
A commitment to growth and change: Helping to work through loss and prepare for the future.  

 Additional Responsibilities:  Employee is responsible to have all formal training’s current and up to date.  Performs other related duties as assigned.

 Supervisory Responsibilities: None

Qualifications: High school graduate or equivalent. Preference given to applicants with an Associate or bachelor’s degree, but experience maybe substituted.  Experience working in a psychiatric/behavioral health treatment facility with children or adolescents is preferred.

Maintain a driving record acceptable by the agency and a current driver’s license for state of residence, when authorized to use own vehicle for agency business, employee must maintain personal insurance

Skills: Basic computer knowledge for the implementation of client information electronic record keeping.

Physical Demands: For physical demands of position, including vision, hearing, repetitive motion and environment,  please contact the HR department. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position without compromising client care.

Application Details:    Consideration of candidates will begin as soon as 3/13, and position may close after that date without notice.

If you need accommodation to review the information and/or complete the application process, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Trillium Family Services is a drug free workplace. All final applicants will be subject to a criminal record identification check pursuant to ORS 181.536.727.537 and agency policy. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider and support a culturally linguistically diverse governance, leadership and workforce.