Mental Health Skills Trainer –  gain professional, real world experience and mentoring needed to achieve higher educational goals toward rewarding careers such as Mental Health Counselors, Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nursing.  We are proud of our current and past employees who have gone on to achieve degrees in Clinical Psychology, Mental Health Counseling and Social Work as well as Psychiatric Nursing.  Read testimonials from some of our senior staff who got their start in their field as Skills Trainers here at Trillium Family Services

“I started at the Children’s Farm Home over 13 years ago.  Prior to working here, I had a Bachelors in Psychology and was basically a professional camp counselor.  That was my only job I had ever had prior to starting at CFH.  I saw the advertisement and thought, “Hey!  This is working with teens, which I love, and putting my degree to use… that’s a win/win!”  Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted where one click of a “submit” button would take me.  Honestly, initially, I was ready to abandon ship.  These kids are amazing and challenging and brilliant humans but it definitely wasn’t working at summer camp.  And I was told by some people in my world to “stick it out Elizabeth.”  I’m glad I did.  Since my employment with Trillium, I have worked my way from a direct care staff, direct care supervisor, clinical program manager and now the SAIP and Safety Director.  In addition to that, I pursued a Master’s Degree in Social Work and have gotten my clinical social work license.  While in graduate school, I often felt so thankful to be working where I worked because my experiences really enhanced my classroom/text book learning.  It’s not every day that you can work at an agency that so often supports and provides the flexibility for you to pursue your educational goals while continuing to provide you which such an incredible place to be.”  -Elizabeth McMahan, SAIP & Safety Director

Trillium Family Services is committed to taking every precaution to provide the safest possible environment for our clients and staff.  We are strictly adhering to all guidelines administered by the CDC while continuing to provide high quality treatment services for the children in our care.  Our offices and surrounding areas are continually sanitized and cleaned.  We have notified our staff to stay home if they feel any symptoms related to the COVID-19, feel they may have been exposed or have other reasons to do so.

Thank you for considering employment opportunities at Trillium Family Services! We know that one of the key ingredients to providing quality services to clients and families is developing and maintaining a workforce of diverse, highly qualified, and dedicated individuals. We’ve devoted our efforts to being the employer of choice for qualified job seekers in a wide variety of disciplines. Our annual employee turnover rates remain among the lowest in our industry.

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