Keep Oregon Well (Powered by Mental Health Matters) is a public advocacy campaign and social movement designed to reduce stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health, build a trauma-informed community, and give people the opportunity to learn more about mental health while standing with those who may be struggling with theirs.

1 in 5 people is experiencing a mental health crisis.  We can all pledge to end stigma and discrimination. Join the thousands of people who have already taken the Pledge and are creating communities of solidarity and support for people with mental health challenges.

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Keep Oregon Well values:

  • Visibility and Empowerment – Standing up and speaking out about mental and behavioral health, acknowledging that we are all affected by the two, and understanding that our struggles are often at the root of our power, reduces stigma and gives strength to those who may be feeling isolated by their own experiences in the world.
  • Empathy – Being a supportive voice for those experiencing mental and behavioral health struggles – Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of compassion to save someone’s life. You can make a difference just by being kind and listening without judgement!
  • Nonviolence – Being harmless to myself and others under every condition.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Recognizing my own and other people’s emotions, discriminating between different feelings and labeling them appropriately, and using emotional information to guide my thinking and behavior.
  • Inquiry and Social Learning – Building and modeling cognitive skills through my interactions with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Equity and Inclusion – Welcoming and celebrating diversity including, but not limited to, individual and group differences based on race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, religious belief, and physical ability.
  • Democracy – Creating and modeling civic skills of self-control, self-discipline, and administration of healthy authority
  • Open Communication – Overcoming barriers to healthy communication, reducing acting-out, enhancing self-protective and self-correcting skills, modeling healthy boundaries.
  • Social Responsibility – Rebuilding social connection skills, establishing healthy attachment relationships, and considering my impact on the world around me. Whatever I do, I have an obligation to act not just for myself, but for the benefit of society at large.
  • Growth and Change – Restoring hope, meaning and purpose in all of my interactions.

By joining this movement, you are becoming a member of the Keep Oregon Well community and will receive periodic updates via email about ways that you can help make Oregon a safer, more supportive place for ALL people to live, work, play and learn.  Thank you for joining us…and please share this link to help us spread the word!