Trillium is launching a social media campaign called “EVERYDAY HEROES”, to celebrate the heroic work and tremendous wealth of talent and knowledge we have within the workforce at Trillium. We invite staff to share their own wellness and mental health coping techniques, both professionally and personally AND share stories of heroism or “bright spots’ that can be celebrated both within Trillium and with our outside community.

4/9/20 Submission: Kim Scott

4/10/20 Submission: Shanin Engman and Mary Halsey Guild

4/15/20 Submission: School Based Therapist

One of Trillium’s school-based therapists just shared an Everyday Hero moment that speaks to the impact that COVID is having on our education community: 

“I just did a ZOOM session that was open to all of the staff at the high school I work at. I lead them through a trauma-informed tool called S.E.L.F. (Safety, Emotions, Loss, and Future) to process the change and loss and share ideas for the future. The principal, a school counselor, teachers, and instructional assistants joined and I think it was a really good way for them to continue to build connection and process things as a community. I got feedback that it was really neat to have their principal there and it felt like a really solid use of the Sanctuary principals in the outpatient setting, which is sometimes hard to achieve. “

4/22/20 Submission: Cassidy, Trillium Volunteer

4/29/20 Everyday Heroes Spotlight: Kate Allen, LCSW

Trillium would like to recognize Kate Allen, LCSW as an Everyday Hero! Kate is has been a school social worker for 19 years.  Kate works with teens to support mental health needs and connect them with resources.  Part of Kate’s position is providing suicide prevention work and supporting students who have survived trauma.  Kate has also worked with Trillium Family Services’ Chrysalis Program since 2003.  Chrysalis Groups are support groups for female identifying trauma survivors that are held yearly in local high schools.  Kate’s warmth and welcoming smiles help build a special place for trauma survivors to support one another, while exploring their experiences and identifying healthy coping strategies.

Kate’s years of experience and clinical knowledge working with adolescents around trauma and coping, serve to continue to bring mental health supports and interventions into community settings.  Kate’s work in the schools allow her to reach youth that would have difficulty otherwise accessing services.  In schools she is able to help build up a net of support and connection for students in need.


4/30/20 Skills for Coping with Covid-19 from Cindy Smith, MD, MPH of Trillium Family Services

5/22/20 Stop Skill from Cindy Smith, MD, MPH of Trillium Family Services