Nearly $300 was donated to Children’s Farm Home thanks to the fans at Tuesday’s Corvallis Knights baseball game during the 50/50 raffle event. With the help of the Keep Oregon Well Street Team and Trillium volunteers, fans said “YES!” to fighting mental health stigma and helping programs that provide quality mental health care to kids and teens at the Mid-Willamette Valley campus.

To commemorate the evening, Trillium’s own Kierra Woekel, Donor and Community Relations Manager, addressed the crowd at the top of the 8th inning to say a few words and pull the winning ticket.

Huge thank you to the crowd and the team at the Corvallis Knights for giving Trillium and Keep Oregon Well a platform to emphasize the importance of mental health. Staff and volunteers always enjoy meeting people from the community and supporting those who may be struggling or know someone struggling with mental illness.

Trillium hopes to make an appearance again at one of next year’s baseball games to participate in the 50/50 raffle.

Go Knights!

Check out photos below:

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