Mayor with Team Floaters

The Floaters, led by Trillium Family Services’ psychiatrist, Dr. Andy Adler of the Children’s Farm Home, took home several awards in the Graand Kinetic Challenge, a race that is associated with the da Vinci Days Festival in Corvallis. The Floaters, comprised of clients and staff from the Farm Home spent two days competing in this fun community event.

Teams entered in the challenge build and decorate a human powered, all terrain, amphibious vehicle that is raced through sand and mud obstacles, as well as a two-mile float down the Willamette River. The Floaters won several awards for their vehicle and performance, including “The Hammy,” which was given to the team that showed the most tenacity.

The Graand Kinetic Challenge first began in 1993 and is the premier event of the da Vinci Days Festival of Art and Science. Teams create vehicle sculptures comprised of just about anything imaginable and work together to complete the rugged terrain.

The Floaters would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their support:

The Floaters Kinetic Vehicle

Melanie Davis for donating the kinetic sculpture

GKC Race Committee for providing a scholarship

Allen Brown STEAM funds which paid for the registration fee

Corvallis Bicycle Coop for discounting supplies we used to build our machine

OSU Adventure Leadership Institute for donating the cost of safety equipment rentals

Trillium employees who volunteered their time to make this happen, including:  Kristen Powell, Robert Larson, Donna Meredith, Aaron Spitzer, Cindy Smith, Kaylee Seau, Denise Batacondolo, Porter Fox, Mary Ann Purcell, Amy McAdams, Mark Elledge, Drew Barclay, Cody Morgan, Tina Hendrickson, Jeff Nordtvedt, Kaitlyn Hempel, Aaron Evans, Whitney Imparraguirre, Katie Jones, Christina Banks, Steve Eccles, Regina Renn, Lori Robinson, DeeDee Gordon, Nicole Calvary, Samantha Neisch, Marissa Minato, Kierra Wokel, Michael Duncan, Edgar Chavez, Stevie Beisswanger

Trillium employees that donated money: Drew Barclay, Andre Alyeska, Phillip Ciprotti (former employee), Andy Cannon
Individuals who purchased a Floaters T-shirt: Amy McAdams, EZ McMahon, Marc Smith, Cindy Jordan, Jessica Denio, Kathy Manning, Heather Swaney, Junita Spann, Cheick Bandaogo, Cindy Smith, Bret Winningham, Ashley Scott, Tim Catlow, Nancy Sikes, Cheri Harms, Terri Watkins, Mark Elledge, Jose Arredondo-Araujo, Aaron Spitzer, Christina Banks, Ryan Catarius, Kaylee Seau, Robert Larson, Cody Morgan, Melody Kayser, Drew Barclay, Danae Challand, Darien Coutu, Theo Earnest, Jennifer Haeranger, Marono Richards, Rich Blum


Next year’s Graand Kinetic Challenge will take place July 20-21st. Learn more here.

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