Schulyer Davis knows how hard it can be to grow up in the foster care system. He experienced 48 placements and at several points in his childhood, needed the support of one of Trillium’s residential programs. He knows that things don’t always get better when kids in foster care turn 21 and “age out” of the system. That’s why Schuyler created Project Foster Kids USA.

His nonprofit focuses on raising awareness in three major areas:

  1. The Prevention of Child Abuse with recognition of Early Warning Signs
  2. The physical, mental, and emotional effects that happens when a child is placed within the system
  3. The aging out of Foster kids who turn 21, yet don’t have the skills to succeed and therefore need additional supports to survive in life.


Project Foster Kids USA is 100% volunteer driven and all monies the nonprofit is given goes immediately back to children utilizing foster care. The organization holds fundraisers and toy/supply drives to provide foster kids with tangible items that are either necessary to survive or will help them through this tough time. The group also partner with people or organizations to collaborate in effort to help kids who are struggling.


Trillium has been lucky to stay connected with Schuyler as he has embarked on this personal journey to give back to a population that is often overlooked. For his work as a mental health advocate and champion of foster kids, Keep Oregon Well even named him a 2016 Mental Health Hero to highlight his accomplishments. For the last two years, Project Foster Kids USA has partnered with Trillium during the holiday season. Schuyler’s supporters pitch in and donate new clothes, toys, art supplies, and hygiene items for kids utilizing our services, many of which come to us from foster care or will be returning to a foster home. His generosity is beyond measure and he is taking real action to create a better community.


We want everyone to know that you too can help support Project Foster Kids USA. The organization is currently looking to stock their donation items with school supplies, clothes, toys, and basic comfort items like shampoo, body wash, books, and blankets. Due to the limited financial means of the foster care system, there simply aren’t enough resources to provide all children with everything they need.  If you would like to help this cause, please consider donating new items to:


Project Foster Kids USA

Attn: Schuyler Davis

1202 R St.

Springfield, Oregon 97404


You can contact Schuyler directly at Phone: 541-337-7314 OR Email:

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