Nominations are now open for the 3rd Annual “Keep Oregon Well” Mental Health Heroes Awards!

Mental Health Awareness Month happens each year in May. This year, to mark the occasion, Trillium is again launching a 31 day multi-media celebration of the people, nonprofits, community groups and business leaders who have helped pave the way for Mental and Behavioral healthcare to thrive in Oregon and the Pacific NW.

We will honor one Mental Health Hero for every day in May – 31 in all – announcing a new hero each day on our website and social media. On Saturday, May 6th, we will unveil all of the heroes at Trillium’s Black & Gold “Keep Oregon Well” Gala! Many of this year’s honorees and last year’s heroes will be in attendance. (Tickets available HERE)

The Keep Oregon Well Mental Health Heroes Awards process is truly community-driven, with open nominations taking place annually from January 1st-February 15th. We are calling upon the broader community to tell us about who have been the heroes in your lives, in your organizations, and in our state.

For this project, “Heroes” is defined as any person or group which has helped to reduce stigma, advance the mental and behavioral healthcare field, and make Oregon and the Pacific NW a safer, more supportive place to live, work, play and learn through their service, sacrifice, risk, inspiration, and example.

In the end, our goal is to showcase Oregon’s rich history, highlight the diversity of experience it has taken to get us from there to here, and honor those who have bravely paved the way for mental and behavioral healthcare and awareness to thrive in our state.

From teachers to politicians, therapists to clients, rock stars to authors, children to seniors, we find heroism everywhere we look. This is our chance to tell their stories and celebrate people who might otherwise be overlooked for their efforts to Keep Oregon Well!

A selection committee made up of community members, industry leaders and past Mental Health Heroes Award winners will work to narrow down the nominees in late February.

To nominate your picks, CLICK HERE.

To view all of previous heroes, CLICK HERE.

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