KD19Thank you so much for the amazing, jazzy, performance by the Ken DeRouchie Band for our #KeepOregonWell concert series with Kink FM at the Skype Live Studio. In addition, thank you to everyone involved in the concert for their help to raise awareness and fight the stigma behind mental and behavioral health.  Besides raising awareness for Keep Oregon Well the Ken DeRouchie Band gives back to the community in their own way.  Three years ago they started coordinating a food drive through the Oregon Food Bank.  This year they have goals of setting up 25 donation locations throughout Portland and raising $1,000.  Their efforts prove that everyone can give back and help their community.  If you would like to learn more and become and advocate for mental and behavioral health you can go to www.KeepOregonWell.com and can sign our Keep Oregon Well Pledge.

Watch video from The Palms “Keep Oregon Well” show here:

Check out photos from the performance here:

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