Treat yourself unapologetically is part of Ashley McGirt’s Worldwide Wellness tour that takes place in a variety of US Cities and other Countries as part of a campaign to destigmatize mental illness, and promote the importance of restoring mental health throughout communities of color.

The event featured a fascinating mental health discussion from clinicians of color who answered questions and spoke on topics such as depression, anxiety, and racial trauma.

There were also insights on:

  • The direction of mental health in the Black and community
  • How to combat depression & anxiety
  • How to support/encourage others to seek treatment through therapeutic services
  • How to discuss mental health with your family

Keep Oregon Well was happy to sponsor this event and help to end the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness in communities of color.

Participants included: 

Comedian Shrista Tyree

Guest Speaker Dr. Pamela Gurley


Joe McClain Jr

S. Renee Mitchell

EriTrea Gebrimichael


“The Hip Hop Social Worker” Christopher Scott

Drea RoseMarie

ZaDora Williams

Ramon Benton

Umoja Black

Additional speakers on Toxic Masculinity:

Huston Adair Jr

Sai Stone

Jay Ceasar

Check out photos below: