Keep Oregon Well is a public advocacy campaign designed to reduce stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health, build a trauma-informed community, and give people the opportunity to learn more about mental health and stand with those struggling with theirs.

This ongoing volunteer spotlight blog series features some of the many caring, talented, passionate people it takes to spread the word about Keep Oregon Well throughout Oregon!

Keep Oregon Well Volunteer Spotlight: Courtney Bladen

Why does mental health matter to you?

Mental health matters to me because I have seen the harm that can be done if we don’t value it. Going to school, working full-time, and volunteering I know that I must take my mental health very seriously, and practice self-care because otherwise I wouldn’t get participate in the amazing events I have been a part of such as Kaiser’s Day of Service. I love that there are organizations that want to fight the stigma of mental health within society so that people know that it is not only okay but rather a good thing to have a conversation about having good mental health.

What initially made you want to volunteer with Keep Oregon Well or Trillium?

I have known about Trillium for a very long time. I had a friend who stayed at the Parry Center for awhile. I know that her stay at the Parry Center is what helped her get better, understand mental health, and take care of her mental health. I have stayed volunteering at Trillium because of the amazing things that they do. Helping kids understand mental health and giving them a supportive environment where they can explore different self-care ideas is my favorite. Trillium has allowed me to organize the upcoming day of self-care for my senior thesis at PSU.

Tell me about your favorite volunteer experience? 

My favorite volunteer experience has been the day of self-care. I attended the November event and I loved being able to interact with kids and do something fun that they could put in their tool-kit so that they can practice self-care at home. Currently, I am planning the day of self-care for Sat. Feb. 10th, and I am super excited to hang out with the kids again. We are going to have the stations of makeup/face painting, journal decorating, nail painting, vision boards, and Healing Scent Friendship Bracelets.

Keep Oregon Well is centered around wellness and self-care. Tell us about some of the ways you take care of yourself.

My self-care includes doing my makeup, spending time in the sun (when it’s available of course), nail painting, eating regularly with nutrient-dense food, taking a break from stressful situations, and lastly, creating my planner and sticking to it.

To close our chat today, do you have a favorite quote you would be willing to share? 

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” –Winston Churchill

Is there anything you would add?

Thank you so much for considering me for this. I volunteer because I love what Keep Oregon Well and Trillium stand for and I want to help in any way that I can.

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