(Left to Right) Rory, Trudy, Kit & Keely Corrigan

Keep Oregon Well is a public advocacy campaign designed to reduce stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health, build a trauma-informed community, and give people the opportunity to learn more about mental health and stand with those struggling with theirs.

This ongoing volunteer spotlight blog series features some of the many caring, talented, passionate people it takes to spread the word about Keep Oregon Well throughout Oregon!

Keep Oregon Well Volunteer Spotlight on: The Corrigan Family

Why does mental health matter to you?

Seems like if have you have good mental health life is pretty good, no matter what life throws at you. Our family was the victim of a violent crime a few years back (firebomb attack, no kidding)  and focusing on our mental health as a priority brought us through it stronger as a family.

What initially made you want to volunteer with Keep Oregon Well or Trillium?

We started volunteering with Trillium at LPGA golf tournaments seven years ago to help earn money for Trillium. The idea that we could do something to help improve mental health (which is such a high impact thing)  for the most vulnerable people in our community (kids) really made sense to us

Tell me about your favorite volunteer experience?

Having always done fundraising (LPGA, Barn Bash), the first time in the Keep Oregon Well tent was amazing.  It was energizing talking to people about eliminating stigma around mental health, and finding out how many people there are out there who really care about and support what Keep Oregon Well and Trillium are doing.

Keep Oregon Well is centered around wellness and s

(Left to Right) Trudy Corrigan, Anna Mallery (KOW Volunteer) & Keely Corrigan

elf-care. Tell us about some of the ways you take care of yourself.

Honestly,  at our house, all subjects are “on the table” to be talked about. Even the uncomfortable ones that are hard to talk about.  It is more uncomfortable in the moment, but overcoming that discomfort and talking about those things creates freedom in the long run.

To close our chat today, do you have a favorite quote you would be willing to share?

“Don’t judge anyone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”



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