This year has been difficult for many (to say the least). There are families Trillium serves, who due to a variety of difficult circumstances may not be able to provide the many things that go into making a holiday bright for their children. What should be a joyous time of year can be extremely hard for them. These families are nominated into our Adopt A Family program by their therapists. At our core, Trillium is hope. We are Oregon’s leader in providing mental and behavioral healthcare for children and families. We are here to help children and families manage their challenges and realize their full potential. By partnering with us, together we can bring hope to these families this year.

Here is How ADOPT A FAMILY works:

Often people wonder what kind of financial commitment this is–it really is up to you. The families vary in size from one only child to a family of six. The number of gifts you choose to buy for that child or children is up to you. Once you adopt a family you will be given a form on that family that gives you some ideas to choose from. A sample form is attached for you to see. Gifts can vary anywhere from $10 in value to $40. You choose how much you are comfortable spending. Gifts will need to be dropped off at the Parry Center or Children’s Farm Home on Dec 13th between 10am-3pm.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to take care of our community’s families this year, a year where love and unity are needed more than ever.

Please enter the below contact information to participate.

Adopt a family program

Please enter the below contact information to participate

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