The Trillium Family Services Foundation oversees aspects of Trillium’s fundraising, communications, and development efforts.


  • Scott Berry (Kimsa Total Wealth), Chair
  • Debbie Benson (Community Representative), Secretary


  • Kimberly Ainge Payne (Windermere Real Estate)
  • Cami Benson-Noecker (Groundworks Industries)
  • Brad Bickley (Nike; Step 5 Productions)
  • Katrina Bickley (Nike; Step 5 Productions)
  • Mike Cowgill (Weatherford Thompson Attorneys)
  • Rob Fogarty (Country Financial)
  • Matt Harris (Arauco)
  • Gretchen Holce (Community Representative)
  • Wade Lange (American Assets Trust)
  • Cathy Jo Lindquist (Windermere Real Estate)
  • AJ Prasad (Columbia Bank)
  • Megan Bottorff (Pentagon Federal Credit Union)
  • Barbara Trachtenberg (Accountant)
  • Frances Virden (Step 5 Productions)