BAILEY-201503241002Whether a child is in one of our community programs or staying with us at a residential facility, we are committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment that promotes healing.

We believe that children are best able to heal when they receive treatment as close to their communities as possible. Therefore, the majority of children receive services in their schools, homes, and communities.

For children who need residential care, our campuses represent a strong and enduring commitment to children and families that is rooted in the rich history of our agency. For young people beginning residential treatment, each child’s placement depends on multiple factors, such as the child’s age, diagnosis, space availability, individual needs, and family location.

We work hard to give kids the opportunity to be kids despite the challenges they face. Our residential programs offer an array of after school programs, basketball courts, gardens, playgrounds, group activities, and murals in common areas.

Please visit our virtual tours to learn more about what makes Trillium’s campuses special.

Corvallis Campus Video Tour


Trillium Family Services is committed to being a “green” organization and to using environmentally responsible business practices.  Trillium works to recycle and to use post-consumer recycled products, encourages sustainable travel options such as biking or carpooling, uses environmentally-friendly cleaners and products, composts, brings fresh and local produce into the food we provide (often grown on our campuses), and teaches environmentally responsible practices to the children and  youth with whom we work. The Parry Center for Children campus has even been Gold Certified through Portland’s Office of Sustainability.